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Work with 7CHUTES, and experience how our collaboration process with a project is not forced or contrived, but rather authentic and inspiring. We strive to do our very best, while intricately balancing the elements of art and business. Our rich and varied approaches are unique to every project, and our combined design skills yield a rewarding creative process and produce solid results. We look forward to meeting you … it seems you are standing on the edge of something big.

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Mark Rogers is a Colorado native with a passion for traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. Mark is captivated by art of all types, including drawing, painting, and sculpture. He sees design as a balance of science and art, learning and discovery, creativity and strategy. Mark is thorough and organized in his work, and is able to harness color and pattern to create brilliant harmony and intentional visual communication.


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Wendy Greshko is Michigan grown with a solid, passionate midwestern work ethic that is illuminated by a creative approach to viable, vibrant solutions. Going to school for a formal training in visual communication and advertising was part of a natural path for Wendy. Her personal and professional adventures since have broadened her perspectives and enhanced how she designs with deepened focus, understanding and depth.